Specialist in Microblading, Semi Permanent Brows, Brow Tattoo Removal, HD Brows & Brow Lamination



Trained by the worlds leading Microblading company – Phi Brows! Karen is recognised as a Royal Artist. If you have sparse brows or no longer want to pencil your brows in every day then this treatment is perfect for you. Microblading is the most natural form of semi permanent make up for the brows. Hair strokes are created using a micro blade creating the perfect brow for you. The brows are measured to your face using the Phi compass based on the golden ratio of 1.618. Phi pigments are colour matched to your brow hair so after healed the bladed strokes will blend in with your natural hair.
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HD Brows – 7 steps to the perfect brows
Often clients think that their eyebrows won’t grow because of over plucking. A lot of the time this isn’t the case. Believe it or not eyebrow hair takes 4 months to grow so you have to be prepared to throw away your tweezers and trust me! Initially gaps can be filled with HD brow products but after time hair will have grown in these areas so less make up will be needed. If you are committed and patient you too can have HD Brows. Always striving to be the best since training in HD Brows in January 2012 I have completed and passed 3 of the HD brows courses and am proud to say that I am a PRO stylist. 
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Want the big lash look? Now you can have it…
Everyone wants the big lash look. But while lash extensions are a great solution for many, there are those who prefer LVL for a natural solution which adds length, volume and lift to your natural lashes and lasts 6-8 weeks! Colour boost  included in the treatment.
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I am very proud to have been trained by the Wax Queen herself, Kim Lawless!
I specialise in intimate waxing
I use the best wax in the beauty world ‘Perron Rigot’ , which Kim uses herself. Only hot wax is used for initmate waxing.  Hair is removed quickly and effectively.
Once you have been waxed the Kim Lawless way you will never go elsewhere again, that i promise you!  You will walk away hair free. No hair goes unnoticed!
Bikini (sides) £15
High Bikini (higher than standard removal and removal across top) £20
Brazilian (all off front and back, leaving a small landing strip) £30
Hollywood (all off front and back) £30

Botched Ink tattoo removal (spmu brow removal)

Botched Ink® is a gentle yet concentrated hypertonic saline solution for tattoo removal. The solution is effective yet soothing on the skin with a high aloe content. When it’s implanted into skin the area dries out. If the skin contains tattoo pigment this will dry out too, lifting and removing the pigment during the skins natural healing process. Botched Ink removes colour that isn’t fading, microblading/ permanent brow errors, lightens faded permanent work ready for a new brow creation and lifts pigment colour from saturated or very dark brows.

Number of treatments needed depends on many factors, i.e pigment used, age of work, number of spmu sittings, required result

The ombre brow effect is created using a tattoo machine. The tail and base of the brow has the most amount of colour and then lightens off towards the top and the front. KH Ombre brows have no strong outlines ensuring the most natural ombre effect once healed. Ombre brows can be tailored in density to suit the individual client’s needs.

The ombre effect can last 2/3 years, providing suggested aftercare is carried out correctly.

Suitable for all skin types

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Brow Lamination

The new trend taking the brow industry by storm, seen on many celebrities and influencers……..

Now your brows can be smoothed and set in an upright position creating a fluffy brow effect. Flat brows are a thing of the past. Brow lamination works by breaking down the bonds within the natural hair structure, allowing the hair to be re set in the new desired position. The effect lasts up to 8 weeks!

Just like the hair on our head, brow hair does need to be conditioned following treatment.  Castor oil or brow conditioning serums* can be used and are available to purchase.

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